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"A long lived, slow growing, evergreen tree with beautiful silvery-grey foliage. Traditionally, the olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship"


  • Water is very important! Ensure the undersoil always remains moist and hydrated

  • Be sure to increase watering in summer. As a guide 3-4 times per week in summer, and 1-2 times per week in winter

  • The water should soak completely through the base of the pot

  • Olive trees need well drained soil. For a healthy tree use cactus potting mix

  • If situated outside place in a position that receives DIRECT sunlight

  • If situated inside place in a well-lit position, ideally near a door or window that opens for fresh air. Take your olive tree outside weekly for DIRECT sunlight

  • Note if your olive tree is kept inside it will stunt the growth as they need direct sunlight to grow

  • Fertilise your olive tree twice per year